Shiseido Parlour was inspired by a counter providing soda and light meals in the back of a drugstore in the U.S., which the founder came across on his way back from the Paris Exposition in 1900. It started out as a soda fountain in 1902, selling Japan’s first soda water and then rare ice cream in a corner of Shiseido Pharmacy in Izumocho (present-day Ginza 8-chome).
Following the Great Kanto Earthquake, it underwent a makeover and was turned into an authentic Western-style restaurant in 1928.
Hanatsubaki Biscuits, Shiseido Parlour’s flagship product, was also born around that time in early Showa era.
Loved by many over generations, Shiseido Parlour is all set to celebrate its 120th anniversary. On this occasion, we plan to challenge ourselves to create new culinary art to realize BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD, as a member of the Shiseido Group, while cherishing and passing down our history and tradition.
Please look forward to it.

Yoshiyuki Ishigame
President, Shiseido Parlour Co., Ltd. Makoto Suzuki President