The tastes handed down at Shiseido Parlour have long captivated and impressed literary people and other celebrities of culture from the Meiji era to the Showa era. We are uncovering the secret to the delicious taste that has long been handed down and is still being refined by our chefs of the times even now.

Meat Croquette


Meat Croquette

The secret to the meltingly smooth mouthfeel is béchamel sauce (white sauce) used as a thickener. Our Meat Croquette is prepared on the principles of Western culinary arts. We spend plenty of time and effort to faithfully honor these principles.

We do not use potatoes. Ham and boiled veal are diced so that diners can enjoy a moderately crunchy mouthfeel. It is batter-fried until deliciously browned before being cooked in the oven. It is slowly grilled until it is crispy outside and melty inside. Our Meat Croquette is prepared faithfully to the basic principles of Western cuisine, using plenty of time and effort. At Shiseido Parlour, as a first-class Western cuisine restaurant, we call the dish Croquette in the French pronounciation, instead of the English pronounciation, reflecting our attitude about the ingredients and the recipe. You should be able to see the difference the moment you put your knife into the Croquette.



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