Principles concerning the obtaining of information

Shiseido Parlour Company, Limited (below, “the Company”) may ask for personal information from customers, business partners, etc. as necessary and store, manage, and use this information. If the Company obtains personal information, it will generally communicate the purpose of use and “scope of use” in advance, inform the person concerned of the Company’s support desk etc., obtain information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and take steps to prevent its use for other purposes.
Moreover, when obtaining personal information that requires special care, the Company will, unless otherwise permitted by law, obtain the consent of the person concerned in advance.

Principle of proper management

The Company manages personal information using appropriate methods. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, personal information is generally not disclosed/supplied to third parties without the permission of the person concerned.

Outsourcing of handling of personal information to business partners

If the Company needs to entrust personal information in its possession to a business partner as a result, for example, of outsourcing operations that involve the handling of personal information, it will carefully select a trustworthy business partner and conclude a contract with them that compels them to manage the information properly using methods specified by the Company.

Ensuring accuracy and security

The Company keeps the personal information in its possession accurate and updated, takes steps to prevent the leakage of, destruction of, or damage to personal information, and takes corrective action if such circumstances do occur.

Complaints and inquiries concerning personal information

Complaints and inquiries concerning the handling of personal information may be directed to the Company’s support desk, which will respond to them promptly.

Minors’ personal information

The Company safeguards minors’ personal information in the same way it does that of adults. In the case of persons under 16 years of age, the information may be handled in various ways as necessary after seeking confirmation and obtaining consent from the person concerned and obtaining consent from their parent or guardian.

Legal compliance

The Company complies with applicable laws, guidance prescribed by the national government, industry guidelines, etc. concerning personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information

Each time the Company obtains personal information, it generally discloses the purpose of use and the scope of use by a method such as a document, website screen, or oral explanation.

The Company may omit disclosure of the purpose of use when the purpose of use of the personal information is clear. Examples of this would be asking for contact details in order to respond to a question, request, etc. from a customer or when exchanging name cards in accordance with business customs. In such cases, too, the personal information obtained will generally be used within the scope of the following purposes of use:

The Company uses personal information from customers, business partners, etc. for the following purposes:

To properly respond to questions, inquiries, etc. from customers

To check the reservation status when booking the Company’s restaurant

To the purpose of managing the delivery destination and purchase history of our products purchased from online shops and customer service centers

To conduct business negotiations with business partners and communicate with them in connection with those negotiations

To send greeting cards etc. to customers and business partners

To provide information about products, campaigns, and programs

To conduct questionnaire surveys and analyze statistical data in order to develop products and improve services

To communicate other essential matters

Each time the Company makes changes that go beyond the scope deemed to be reasonably related to the above purpose of use, consent will be obtained by a method such as a document, website screen, or oral explanation.

Although the registration/supply of personal information is optional, if items of information that are required for the provision of certain services are not registered/provided, there is a possibility that both members and non-members will be unable to use various services provided through the Website (below, “the services”).

Supply of personal information to third parties

The Company properly manages personal information it has obtained, and unless permitted by law, does not supply it to third parties without the advance consent of the person concerned.

Anonymized information

If the Company processes personal information to produce anonymized information, it will do so by following proper procedures in accordance with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information. Regarding the secure management of anonymized information, the Company will take essential security measures similar to those for the secure management of personal information, and review these measures whenever appropriate. Moreover, if the Company supplies anonymized information to a third party, it will do so by following proper procedures in accordance with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

Use of Cookies and web beacons

The Website employs Cookies for certain content for the following purposes. The function of Cookies on the Website is to store the information that a customer has viewed the Website on the customer’s own computer, and the information gathered using the Cookies does not include any “information that could be used to identify the individual,” such as their email address or name.

In the case of an application that covers multiple pages on the Website, for the purpose of temporarily storing essential information to make the Website more convenient to use

When a customer is logged in to a service requiring authentication, for the purpose of referencing the customer’s saved registration information to enable services that are customized for each customer to be provided

For the purpose of providing better services through the Website by enabling the Company or companies to which the Company outsources research and analysis to analyze customer access trends on the Website

For the purpose of showing customers the most appropriate advertisements on other companies’ websites based on what they are interested in and the way they use the Website

For the purpose of maintaining security by having customers re-enter (perform re-authentication) their passwords after a certain period of time has elapsed since they began using the Website

Note that the Company sometimes allows companies to which it outsources advertisement distribution to store and reference Cookies for the Website through the websites of the outsourcee companies concerned. Consent to the use of Cookies by the Company etc. and the acceptance of Cookies is a condition for proper use of the services by customers. Although customers are able to set their browsers to reject Cookies, they accept in advance that if they do so, some of the content may not function properly or may be unusable.
Certain pages on the Website employ web beacon technology to gather statistics on customers’ use of the services. Web beacons do not allow the gathering of personal information on customers. Furthermore, by setting their browsers to reject Cookies, they can block web beacons from obtaining information.

Disclosure etc. of personal information

The Company responds appropriately to requests by persons concerned for notification of the purpose of use of personal information, the disclosure of, amendment of, additions to, deletion of, suspension of use of, removal of, and suspension of provision to third parties of personal information.
To make such a request, please contact the Company using the method presented in "14. Inquiries concerning personal information."

Person responsible for management of personal information

Regarding the handling of personal information, a person responsible for management of personal information is appointed, and the information is properly safeguarded, managed and used in accordance with instructions from this person. In the case of the Company, the person responsible for management of personal information is the President.

Inquiries concerning personal information

Please use the following contact details to contact us with any complaints or inquiries concerning the Company’s handling of personal information:

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This Privacy Policy is based on and shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

Last updated : April 15th, 2019