The tastes handed down at Shiseido Parlour have long captivated and impressed literary people and other celebrities of culture from the Meiji era to the Showa era. We are uncovering the secret to the delicious taste that has long been handed down and is still being refined by our chefs of the times even now.

Consommé Soup


Consommé Soup

Ten hours simmering over a low flame while completely skimming off the scum that rises to the surface, and this superb piece of food that highlights various cuisines is finally ready.

Consommé is made of beef shank, chicken, chicken bones, salt, vegetables, and water. In order to bring out the “umami” (savory taste) of meat and vegetables and to create a translucent gold color, it is important to spend enough time and effort. We at Shiseido Parlour also offer Cold Consommé Soup. When meticulously prepared consommé soup is chilled, it congeals just like jelly because of the action of gelatin generated from the beef shank. Served just as it is, or as the base for vichyssoise or potage, or even as the seasoning for a gratin, this superb item is essential for making various dishes even more delicious.


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