The tastes handed down at Shiseido Parlour have long captivated and impressed literary people and other celebrities of culture from the Meiji era to the Showa era. We are uncovering the secret to the delicious taste that has long been handed down and is still being refined by our chefs of the times even now.

Omelette Rice (Omuraisu)


Omelette Rice (Omuraisu)

Omelette rice, with its brilliant golden shine, is the very first dish required to master for any cook at Shiseido Parlour.

“Various types of egg dishes” The variations of egg dishes have always been sumptuous, as written on the menu of the early Showa era (1926-). Partly because of this history, omelette rice is also the very first dish for any cook at Shiseido Parlour to master. The fond de volaille-base tomato sauce is made with the original recipe which remains unchanged ever since the opening of the restaurant. Pour this tomato sauce over the specially prepared chicken rice, and the somewhat nostalgic, long-appreciated omelette rice with soft-boiled eggs is ready to be served.


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