The tastes handed down at Shiseido Parlour have long captivated and impressed literary people and other celebrities of culture from the Meiji era to the Showa era. We are uncovering the secret to the delicious taste that has long been handed down and is still being refined by our chefs of the times even now.

Hayashi Rice(Hashed beef with rice


Hayashi Rice(Hashed beef with rice)

The sauce is so shiny that you can even see your face reflected in it. “Good to the last bite!” That’s the exceptional taste of our recipe.

Demi-glace, the base sauce for Hayashi Rice, tends to be too heavy-tasting. Adding tomato sauce gives it a refreshing tang. Beef filet, sliced onion, and other ingredients are freshly sautéed and mixed with the sauce every time an order is placed. This ensures that our customers will be able to enjoy their full flavors and textures. Our dish of Hayashi Rice features a simple yet never boring taste that is good to the last bite. Every time you lift your spoon to your mouth, you will be able to enjoy the rich flavors of this dish.


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